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Provil, is located into privately owned production facilities of 17,000 sq.m. in the industrial area of Sindos and has a sales branch in Athens. The company, is constantly investing into new infrastructure. Recently, extensions to building installations and modernization of mechanical equipment were completed with an automatic packaging line, a dry product production tower, a liquid product processing machine and the creation of a Pure Frost system.

The company has 3 independent Production Lines for:

Products in powder form

The powder production line offers:

  • Mixing products in dehydrated form and
  • The incorporation of liquid ingredients into powder

The total production capacity of powder products is 25 tons / day.

Products in liquid form

The liquid production line includes machinery and equipment that produce:

  • Fresh products of short self-life duration (2° C to 4° C)
  • Long lasting products produced:
    • With hot filling or
    • With the post-pasteurization process

The total production capacity of liquid products is 15 tons / day.

Pure Frost Technology

The two production lines are supported by Pure Frost Technology (the processing and grinding of spices in a liquid nitrogen atmosphere), to achieve both the preservation of the spices and the essential oils up to 30%, as well as a high degree of grinding to powder levels (0.01 to 1mm).

Finally, Provil invests steadily in know-how, through collaborations with Scientific Bodies, Universities, and Organizations in Greece and abroad.


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