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The main goal of the company is the promotion of Greek and Mediterranean gastronomy, which is not only a standard of nutrition but also, a way of lifestyle as a whole.

This fact proves the reason why UNESCO, in 2010 declared the Mediterranean diet as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, transmitted from generation to generation.

Our aim is to become ambassadors of the Greek and Mediterranean gastronomic culture and for our collaborators worldwide, to share our food culture.

Nowadays that more and more Greek chefs revive the culinary traditions of each place, while adopting modernist and progressive interpretations of traditional recipes, Provil stands by their side, providing support, products and training to create inspiring recipes.

Greece and Mediterranean, apart from fantastic landscapes, offer a gastronomic tradition that can travel around the world through unique products and dishes, which offer new taste experiences to those who are keen on exprerimenting with new flavors.

Provil’s philosophy and products are already exported to 15 countries. At the same time, the ground is being prepared for further development in new markets abroad.

The main target markets of the company are:

  • Countries that either have common gastronomic points, or have a large community of Greek expatriates and a remarkable network of Greek cuisine restaurants
  • Countries with a strong food culture in the wider Mediterranean basin
  • And countries with a very strong trend of eating out, snacking and ready meals

With specialized and experienced executives in the international environment, with participation in the largest and most important industry food fairs in the world, with continuous visits to foreign customers, the company consolidates its presence around the world.


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