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Greek Gastronomy: Evolution through tradition

In Greece, each geographical region hides its own delicious secrets. From the variety of ingredients, to recipes and cooking methods. Every area of Greece is a different “small homeland”, with its own traditions and customs. After a period of devaluation today, modern Greek chefs bring back to the fore the culinary traditions of each place, […]

Mediterranean diet: 5 Health Benefits

Mediterranean diet model and its effect on health has occupied with research scientific community for many decades. The first indications of the beneficial role of the Mediterranean diet came from the Seven Countries Study in the early 1960s, when it was found that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries (mainly Crete and southern Italy) had […]

Restaurant: The Decalogue of a Healthy Menu

Food consumption is undoubtedly one of the basic biological needs of man and is inextricably linked from the beginning of humanity with the instinct of survival. Today, the word food implies much more than the body’s requirement for nutrition: enjoyment, care, joy, love, companionship since it holds a leading role in our social life, is […]

Greece through Gastronomy

Greek cuisine is synonymous with hospitality Everything connected with the Greek cuisine always hides a dose of hospitality. The treat at the end of a meal, the spontaneous visit to a friendly house, which is always accompanied by a “treat”, such as a dessert or ouzo with appetizers, Greek cuisine is characterized by a ritual […]

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