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Quality in the Food Industry

People’s interest in Quality has always been connected with their way of life, especially today, when the provision of high quality standards for products and services to the consumer, combined with the satisfaction of constant needs, are the cornerstone of a company for its survival and expansion, but also for its future development in the […]

Quality at the heart of Provil

For many years Provil is operating a specialized and fully staffed Quality Control Laboratory, integrated in the Directorate of Quality Control & Assurance. With its creation and activation, new functions were developed such as the definition of Quality variables, the statistical evaluation of the results, the detailed and instrumental monitoring of the measurements, the documentation […]

The vertical layout (tower) in the production of dry products

The continuous development and improvement of the products is inherent and driving force in Provil’s culture. With investments in human resources, infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment in the production lines, constantly raises the standards of quality and safety for its products. For the production process of dry products (powders), the company has adopted the innovative vertical […]

Salt: Necessity or Danger?

Salt, apart from the flavor it adds to food, is inextricably linked to the culture, traditions and religion of societies. Expressions that we use in our daily lives such as “water and salt”, “we ate bread and salt” or “rub salt in the wound” are just some of the examples that show the presence of […]

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