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The new way
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Greek dishes

GREEK at HOME is a brand created with care and passion, inspired by the Greek culture. Authentic Greek traditional delicacies available in a wide range of cooking sauces, pestos, chutneys and patty mixtures, so as to cook authentic and delicious Greek food every day!

Each jar contains all the flavourful ingredients of the Greek cuisine needed for extraordinary dishes with a twist. All GREEK at HOME products are made entirely with natural ingredients, free from any artificial additives and preservatives.

Experience the most delicious and famous dishes at home, without the hassle of preparation and taste all the ingredients and the nutritional value of the Greek cuisine:


Delicious casserole cooking sauces:

  • Classic Casserole “Kokkinisto”
  • Classic Casserole “Lemonato”
  • Aromatic roast cooking sauces:
  • “Lemonato”
  • “Klefteko”
  • “Melomeno”


Tasty stir-fry cooking sauces:

  • “Souvlaki”
  • “Gyros”
  • “Saganaki”
  • “Tegania”


Pesto sauces for pasta dishes:

  • Wild Mushroom “Manitari”
  • Sundried Tomato “Liasti”
  • Fruity and spicy chutneys: 
  • For Chicken “Kitro”
  • For Feta cheese “Pasteli”


All-in-one Μixes to make fluffy patties the Greek way:

  • Burger Patty “Bifteki”
  • Meatball “Keftedaki”
  • Kebab “Soutzoukaki”


Visit our website, learn more about GREEK at HOME products and discover a new and revolutionary way to bring authentic Greece in your everyday dish!

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