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How to create tasty summer memories

Customers nowadays seek more than ever to experience unforgettable culinary journeys. Satisfying this demand poses a continuous challenge for chefs and hospitality businesses alike, who are called upon to find innovative ways to offer exceptional dishes while maintaining operational costs steady.

Here are some tips to upgrade the customer experience by creating tasty memories that will be remembered for a long time.

Emphasis on summer ingredients

The seasonality of ingredients plays a pivotal role in delivering the ultimate summer-inspired dining experience. Leveraging local supplier relationships can ensure the desired freshness in crafting a successful and captivating menu that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Authentic Greek cuisine… with a twist

Traditional Greek dishes are reinvented through modern cooking techniques and creative food styling presentations that provide them with a fresh perspective, inviting visitors to indulge in their flavors.

Fusion cuisine

The combination of Greek gastronomic culture with flavors and ingredients from the cuisines of the world can create new and captivating culinary proposals that will enthuse and delight visitors.

Diverse menu choices

The design of the summer menu should consider the diverse demands and dietary needs of customers, to provide a variety of flavorful options that cater to all tastes.

The products of Provil, renowned for their quality, high efficiency, and convenience in professional kitchens for over 30 years, will help you unlock your creativity and offer unique gastronomic experiences.



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