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Provil Experience Center
& Technical Support

The Department of Applications and Technical Support with well-trained staff is constantly at the service of the food and catering industries, supporting and guiding them in choosing the best and most complete taste solution.

Leading companies from around the globe, do cooperate with Provil for the design of exclusive and customized recipes and solutions.

The ideas and needs of our industrial customers in combination with the experience, know-how and the scientific support of Provil, are the “keys” of success for unique and successful products.

The company’s expertise and knowledge, in the field of food industry, and every professional food producer, are also developed through the company’s Training Center (Provil Experience Center – PEC).

Especially for the food industry, a presentation of applications and training in a specially designed pilot laboratory with simulation of the production process in small-scale conditions is provided. In this way, the visitor-trainee becomes familiar with the equipment used in all stages of the production process and is able to experience the real conditions that prevail each time. The pilot data collected, are analyzed afterwards and extrapolated as simulation on a large scale production process.

In addition, Provil Training Center and the use of Laboratory, enables food industry professionals to experiment with various recipes by performing smaller-scale tests, until they reach at the desired final product. In this way, they save valuable time and money that would be required if the same process was held on large scale industrial facilities.


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