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Provil’s experience and knowledge, in the field of food industry, gastronomy and every professional food producer, are also developed through the company’s Training Center (Provil Experience Center – PEC).

In the facilities of ​​PEC, which is constantly upgraded with the latest technology equipment, educational meetings and updates are organized for all the new trends (flavors, cooking techniques and equipment). The applications of ingredients, the development of new recipes, and the utilization of alternative solutions respond to the different needs of the food industries but also of gastronomy for creativity, inspiration and originality.

Specifically for the food industry, applications are presented and trainings are carried out in a specially designed pilot laboratory by simulating the production process on a small scale. In this way, the visitor becomes familiar with the equipment used in all stages of the production process and is able to experience the real conditions that prevail each time. The pilot data are analyzed and simulated with the production process on a large scale.

On the other hand, the PEC enables all food industry professionals to experiment with recipes by performing smaller-scale tests, until they end up at the desired final product. In this way, they save valuable time and money that would be required if the same process took place on the large scale of industrial facilities.

In the catering industry, both professionals and future Chefs, come in contact with all the equipment that makes up the professional kitchen.Through PEC they have the opportunity to try both cooking techniques and equipment management, but also to get informed about recent trends of modern cooking methods for Greek and international cuisine.

Finally, PEC is constantly by the side of the butcher and meat retail professionals, but also the students of these schools, organizing regularly thematic seminars. Thus, enables them to be updated about new trends, to come close to different materials and their applications for their shops, but also to receive support in the commercial part of their business.



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