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Quality in the Food Industry

People’s interest in Quality has always been connected with their way of life, especially today, when the provision of high quality standards for products and services to the consumer, combined with the satisfaction of constant needs, are the cornerstone of a company for its survival and expansion, but also for its future development in the domestic and international market.

Competition in globalized economy is now characterized by four factors, related to any business capabilities and directly affect the future of the company in this modern and dynamic environment:

  • Understanding consumer’s needs and providing them with products and services that satisfy them, at the best possible cost for the business and at the best possible price for the customer.
  • Providing high quality products and services.
  • Following the input of external environment: political facts, technological data, social characteristics.
  • Forecasting on the future market needs to meet them before the competition.

In the Food Industry, Quality means a philosophy, a doctrine, a way of improving operations but also the degree to which a specific product or service meets the requirements of its customers.

As safety and hygiene are essential factors in food management, a permanent Quality Control through detailed microbiological, physicochemical and organoleptic controls, guarantees a consistent and predetermined level of Quality and ensures customer confidence concepts that in the Food Industry are served as “Quality Assurance”.



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