Street food: the trend that gave another impetus to food service

Started as a worldwide trend and tends to formulate a whole culture around food, the well-known Street Food, most people’s favorite!

We have known it as a fast and cheap – sometimes “dirty” – alternative and over the years it has moved up many levels, in taste, quality and variety. The famous souvlaki, the oriental falafel, the Chinese noodles, or the corn dog and bao bun are only some among many alternatives for the consumers.

The desire to get away from our usual tastes, to experiment with new cuisines and to feel a little more adventurous are some of the reasons that have given street food a new dynamic. Needs have changed and street food has evolved over time, becoming more refined.

It was – and still is – the food of people who spend many hours out of home. But now it is much more: it is the traveler’s food, the opportunity to get in touch with the recipes and ingredients of a place, to learn its history, to penetrate its culture, and of course to enjoy it and make precious memories.

It is also a popular choice for all those whose busy lifestyles leave them with limited time to spend in the kitchen. For those who want to have a quick bite to eat on the go, or for those who prefer to stay at home with friends or family. Nowadays, we can eat delicious and quality food, in plenty urban street food spots, as they emphasize on the ingredients and recipe techniques. Street food is a fair choice that meets the expectations of every consumer.

Street food has become popular because some people have embraced it. There are plenty of festivals that have been organized, jointed by artistic events, in which many new street food spots, became famous after presenting their innovative creations.

Street food is also a constant source of inspiration for Chefs to create thematic culinary variations.

At Provil we listen to the needs of modern times, and we stand by the food service professionals with a wide variety of authentic products (sandwich creams, ready-made sauces, seasonings) for ethnic and Mediterranean cuisines, with suggestions and recipes, for dishes of high nutritional value that create new culinary memories… on the road!



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