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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

At Provil, the culture of sustainability is a dominant value. We recognize and accept our obligation to be responsible citizens.

The support of our ecosystem and the improvement of human life are the main concerns of the company, with emphasis on Nutrition, Education, Equal Opportunities, Saving Water Resources and Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources.

As part of its CSR policy, Provil is committed in reducing salt as ingredient in its products by 20% until 2025. In this way, the company actively contributes to the fight against atherosclerosis and heart diseases – among the most common reasons of Human life loss-, a goal which complies to the one set by the World Health Organization for reducing daily salt intake to 5g.

The new, energy-friendly administration building and the construction of the new storage facilities -maintaining a constant winter-summer ambient temperature – which have been recently completed, are also part of the company’s eco-friendly policies.

In addition, a system of Waste management for materials and packaging is implemented, as well as Water resources saving methods. RSPO certified oils are used in the productions and locally produced and controlled raw materials are preferred, supporting regional economy.

We have certainly achieved a lot, but we still have a lot to do!




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