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Main material of the recipe

Special character

Stuffed Mexican onions

Γεμιστά κρεμμύδια mexican

Bake covered for about 50 minutes at 180ο C, and 15 more minutes uncovered. During cooking check if additional water is needed.


Salsa Dip

Tomato Professional

Combi Mexico

1kg mixed minced meat, coarsely chopped 

100g Salsa Dip (Art. 55105)

125g Combi Mexico (Art. 45535)

150g Tomato Sauce Professional (Art. 55213)

100g corn (can)

100g red beans (can)

6-7 large onions 

30-40ml olive oil

150g cheddar cheese

  1. Hydrate the Combi with 250ml of water, add the minced meat, the olive oil, the fresh coriander and knead.
  2.  Add the beans along with the corn rinsed and drained, and mix them gently in the minced meat mixture.
  3. Open the onions from above with a knife and empty the inside with a spoon.
  4. Put a spoonful of the mixture and a cube of cheddar cheese. Add another spoonful of minced meat on top.
  5. Mix the Salsa Dip with the Sauce Professional and spread in a fireproof baking pan. Place the onions on top.


Main material of the recipe

Special character

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