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4 + 1 tips to promote your restaurant on Social Media

Let’s face it: Customers who visit your restaurant are daily in front of a mobile screen for several hours, “consuming” content – among other things, your competitors’ content. It is therefore necessary that you actively engage on social media if you haven’t done already.

So, here are some practical ideas that can highlight your restaurant and your dishes by using social media to draw attention and attract new customers.

  1. Create an active social media profile, which you will constantly update with photos and short messages, with a frequency of 3-4 times a week.

  2. Get inspired. The more original and inventive the content of your posts is, the more likely people will stop their feed flow at your post.

  3. Take photos of your dishes in a beautiful setting. Make sure that the human element appears in them. A hand resting on the table, a group of people faintly visible in the background of the image, give a sense of intimacy and a warm atmosphere.

  4. Take advantage of User Generated Content. Create a unique hashtag for your business and encourage your customers to use it in their stories and posts so you can repost them on your own page.

  5. Add and present new flavours and original recipes in your menu. Take advantage of seasonality and important days that can give you extra inspiration. Valentine’s day, the first day of spring, a holiday or an anniversary are opportunities for new proposals and new posts.

In a competitive environment as food service, it is essential that you and your team keep up with all the latest trends in food business and stay active in the digital universe.



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