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Greece through Gastronomy

Greek cuisine is synonymous with hospitality

Everything connected with the Greek cuisine always hides a dose of hospitality. The treat at the end of a meal, the spontaneous visit to a friendly house, which is always accompanied by a “treat”, such as a dessert or ouzo with appetizers, Greek cuisine is characterized by a ritual that is preserved almost unchanged to this day, from the depths of the centuries.

Greece and good food are inextricable. Greek gastronomy encompasses an entire philosophy which includes healthy eating, variety of flavors and longevity. Through Greek cuisine, we welcome all visitors of our country and express the passion and hospitality that characterize us as a people. From a meal in a tavern with appetizers or seafood, to the delicious Easter dishes, everything we eat expresses the Greek spirit.

Provil aims to become the best ambassador, not only of its business activity, but also of Greek gastronomy. Our goal is for the visitors of our country and the clients of our partners, to get to know our food culture and to gain unforgettable experiences.



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