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Meat is a key factor in human evolution and is one of the cornerstone foods in a balanced diet.

It is a food that contains proteins of high biological value, which provide the body with plenty of essential amino acids.

In recent years, the traditional butcher shop of the neighborhood has evolved into a specialized shop that has, in addition to meat, a large number of ready-to-sell preparations, recipes and suggestions that use marinades, seasonings and spices.

Marinating is now a common technique for improving the organoleptic characteristics of meat such as taste, smell, appearance and structure and helps to further improve its quality. The meat is protected from dehydration when stored in the refrigerator and retains its juices during cooking.

On the other hand, spices and seasonings enhance the taste and contribute to the creation of unique and distinctive identity products.

From its very first steps, Provil is always next to the butcher shop. With a vision and specialized proposals that opened new horizons and led the retail meat market to what we now call as “modern butchery shop”.

Provil is continuously designing original and creative product lines for the meat retail sector, and is the reliable partner of the modern professional butcher.

The main strategy of the company is the design and production of products that provide solutions to the needs of the butcher, and cover the requirements of the modern consumer.

The need for quality products, ideal for easy and fast cooking, always with quality and reliability.



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