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Quality at the heart of Provil

For many years Provil is operating a specialized and fully staffed Quality Control Laboratory, integrated in the Directorate of Quality Control & Assurance.

With its creation and activation, new functions were developed such as the definition of Quality variables, the statistical evaluation of the results, the detailed and instrumental monitoring of the measurements, the documentation and the history of the production details, the declaration of the prescribed limits and production tolerances etc.

As a result of the above, was the immediate implementation of the Total Quality Management system, a term that implies continuous Quality Control throughout the overall administration of Provil and prescribes the mode of administration – approach for effective development of the company and its competitiveness.

The objectives of Provil Total Quality Management are:

  • To provide improved services and products at the lowest cost
  • To meet modern customer needs
  • To control the performance of production and operation levels
  • Innovation and interconnection of production with market demands
  • Continuous improvement in domestic and international partnerships
  • Achieving implementation of the concept“Quality & Safety Culture”

In Greece but also in several countries in Europe and the Middle East, millions of people consume daily food produced with Provil products.

In order for our customers to always rely on us, the company possess since 2008 certification of the Food Safety Management System, initially according to ISO22000: 2008.

Moreover, the company is successfully certified by independent bodies with the international certifications IFS (v6.1) and BRC (8th issue) since 2014.

Today, Provil is one of few Greek companies that are able to meet the specific high standards.

In 2015 the company was certified with the standard FSSC22000 (5th edit). Also has certification of several among its products based on the nutritional requirements of specific consumer groups, according to the religious standards Halal and Kosher.



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